Thursday, September 15, 2016

                                  Prayer July 20,2004                                    

My God My Heavenly Father I kneel before you this morning with a humble heart. I come to you to tell you that I love you and I praise your name, you are my God, my savior, and my redeemer. You are the great creator of Heaven and earth and every thing that lives and dwells within it.

I thank you dear God for letting me be a child of yours. I thank you for letting me call you my heavenly father. Help me to obediently to your ever wish and command, just as I tried to be obedient to my earthly father. Forgive me dear God when I failed you and disobeyed you as I did with my earthly father. I am very sorry for my disobedience to both of my fathers. I ask for your forgiveness for all my sins.

I want to thank you dear God for my many blessings. You have been so good for blessing me in so many ways that I can’t count them all. I thank you for a wonderful beautiful family. Having a wonderful family is what makes living on earth worth - while. I thank you for health that I feel good, do not suffer but very little pain or discomfort. I sometime thank that I am a miracle child. I thank you for miracles that you perform here on earth.

I want to pray for many of my friends that are less fortunately then my self. There are many that have serious illiness and diseases and severe pain. I pray dear God if you are willing, I ask you to heal them and releave them of all their pain. I pray for the people that are lost that do not know you as their Lord and savior. I ask you to lead me and guide me in your light, and help me to resist all temptation and sin. Teach me to be more like you as I walk the rough path here on earth. Teach me to minister to loss souls that I come in contact with. Teach me to love every one as you have commanded me to do. Dear God you know that I do love all man - kind as I love, as I love myself. You know dear God that I love people that may despised me, or persecute me, or ignore me, or say evil things about me. I pray daily for these people. I know dear Jesus that you are walking right along beside of me, when some one ignores me or mistreat me. I just turn to you Jesus, and  I wink to you and say that we will have to pray for them.

I pray for all our soldiers that you will protect them, as they offend   our nation and for us from all evil and corruption. I pray for our official leaders in all categories in federal, county, and city. I pray especially for our city of Goodwater. Our little town has just steadily gone down, and deteriorated over the several years. It seams that our present officials are not qualified and does not have the expertise to perform their duties as many Christian people in our town believe it should be performed. I pray that all Christian people will pray over this dilemma.

I pray for church. I pray for all of our ministry programs within our church and also for our ministry programs outside of the church. I pray for our church family dear God, we are so close and love each other so very much. I pray for Bro. Joe, and Sherry and their son Steven   they are such a blessing to our church.

I offer this prayer in the name of my savior Jesus Christ.  AMEN

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