Saturday, September 24, 2016


This little story of table number –2 – of the dinning room in Renaissance. We call our selves the stooges. Melvin Bruce, Sam Freeman and I John Davidson, we have shared our table for over six years and we have fell in love with each other and learned each other’s ways. I do not know why we chose this name because we are sure not funny but we do try to put a little love and joy in our family time together. We had vagrancy on our table after Dewitt transferred to the Harbor.  We wanted to find some Christian friend to replace this vagrancy.

That was about that Tom Tate lost his beautiful wonderful wife Lucille went to live with her Lord in heaven. Sam Freeman knew Tom a long time before they came here to live. Sam approached Tom and asks him if he would like to come join us on our table. He explained to Tom that He and John was very death and we could not hear it thunder and Melvin was so blessed that he could hear you drop a pin on the floor but he has a low ken voice you can not hear and understand what he is saying he has a lot of wit if you could   hear him and understand him. Melvin really has a way with the women nearly ever one comes bye they whisper something in his ear, I lean across the table to try to hear what is said. Sam sates in the corner and ever time a pretty lady comes bye and he jumps and grabs them, I sat in the corner and observe all these shanghais going on and laugh at them.

Tom replied to Sam and said it sounds to me that you all are a bunch of nitwits, but I love it I will feel to be honored to share your table I too am a little nitwit at heart. I spent several weeks of checking Tom out to see if he would fall into our style of behavior and he passed the test with fling colors. I noticed that he can raise his voice lauded enough to hear him.

I also noticed that Tom is falling in the category with Melvin and Sam of loving the pretty ladies. In another year I may be trying to find three people to come sit on my table.

In a serious note we all four are born again Christians, we try to share a little love and joy to our wonderful family.

John Davidson, Melvin B

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