Saturday, September 24, 2016

nks Friends

Dear friends do you know my savior Jesus Christ, he is the greatest friend you will ever know. Have you been to the cross where he was crucified, where he died for all your sins? Do you walk with him ever day, do you carry his cross with you ever day. If you perform these duties you are on your road to go to heaven. I am performing these duties the very best I can, but in but in my unfaithful faith I fall short in his desire for me.

I pray that some day I will be perfect then my Lord will call me home to live with him in heaven. Then I will see my wonderful wife and the rest of my family has already gone to heaven.

Friends the gospels will teach you how to perform all these manigificent duties. It is all in the HOLY BIBLE. I am bragging about where I am in life, I owe it all Jesus. Thanks dear Jesus for what you did for me while on the cross. 

John Davidson

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