Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hello friend have you made up you mind which one of these nitwits you are going to vote for president. If you want my option I endorsed Donald Trump the first day that he announced that he was running for president, I wrote email to you people that I compared him to General George Patton and Harry Truman and he has lived yup to his canvassing, he has proved that he is hard tuff as general Patton and Truman, He is the kind of man I want lead me and my America.

I believe that there will be a lot of people will change their minds as entering into the voting booth, I believe that Christian people have prayed about this election.

I believe that Donald is a true American and will try hard to make America great again. I know that he will make some mistakes because there is no man has been perfect but Jesus Christ.

I feel so sorry for Hilary I pray that she will accept her highly defeat in a Christian attitude she so wanted to be so noted for something. I ask all my good friends will vote for Donald Trump.

John Davidson

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