Sunday, September 11, 2016

November 8th 2016

The election on November 8th may be the greatest election that America has ever experienced, It may be the end of time for America, it depends on the person you vote for I highly endorse Donald Trump to be our president for four years.

I do not believe that and a born again Christian could possibly vote for Hilary Clinton for any government position and especially for president. Donald Trump has been preaching and telling America how corrupts and crocked.

I suggest that everyone that votes for Hilary wear black clothing and all that votes for Donald wear RED clothing to stand out. Now at my age I am going to sit down and scratch my head and laugh at you poor people will have to contend with the humble bubble affairs. I have my own president and his name is Jesus Christ.

This is about the way I feel about all the affairs because I cannot do any thing about the horrible affairs of America, but Icon pray for family’s friends and neighbors and America.   John Davidson

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