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Chapter One Life Story July 27th 2011

Thought For Today

Some history of the old Author

I have been writing thoughts for several months and many of you know me and some of you may not but some may learn more about me that has never been told. So I have been doing a little scribbling about my life story so if it gets to boring you can delete my email or if you will let me know I will erase your name from my directory.


This story is about a little old man who considers himself to be a typical true southern country gentleman. He was born in the south in a little sawmill town name of Cold fire, Alabama. The population of this town was less then one thousand people and was not even incorporated so had no elected officials. The year and date was February 12, 1922, and it must have been a cold cloudy day. There was not much excitement at the birth party because he was a premature birth and only weighed about two pounds. He was born at home but the company doctor Smothers was present and assisted with the birth, and I doubt that there was much assistance was needed with the delivery since he only weighed about two pounds. The description of this child was more like an over grown field mouse. No one there thought that child would survive. The doctor’s name was Dr. Smothers and he mailed the application to the state of Alabama for a birth certificate stating no name child and the certificate came back reflecting no name child.

Dr. Smothers would come to our house every day and check on me and he would come in shouting out how is the great John L. Sullivan getting along this morning is he still fighting to live. John L. Sullivan was a great fighting boxing champion back in the earlier years. My mother and the doctor both thought that I was struggling and fighting really hard to live. I did live and survive to an old ripe age of eighty-nine and one half years young and still fighting to live every day. Thru out my story I will try hard to describe and explain how I conducted my short life here on God’s wonderful earth.

There were no incubators to put me in to keep me warm, so they put me in a shoebox and wrapped me with some swaddling rags and they built a fire in the old wood-burning stove and they sat me on the oven door to keep me warm. I have always thought how Jesus must have felt when they put him in an old wooden trough they called a manger and wrapped him with swaddling rags; I always thought they meant to say diapers.

As I grew stronger every one continued to call me John L. so my name just became automatically John L. My parent’s thought it was a good enough name so they named me John L. as well. It was in the sixty’s that I obtained a certified birth certificate from the state of Alabama. I sent in the old birth card that my parents had kept thru the years that stated no name child, my mother had kept it in an old tin trunk and the rats had eaten about half of it and had piss on it thru the years, but with that old card and with some other documents that I was able to prove that I was the person described on that card. Even thou that I was a seven-month premature baby; I had two teeth protruding thru my gums. My mother kept those two teeth and put them into a little medicine bottle and sealed them therein and they are still in some my old belongings somewhere as yet.

I was breast fed, as all of my siblings were breast fed as well. It was rarely to know that there were bottle fed babies in that time. My mother told me that while she often was feeding me and some time that the milk did not flow as freely as I wanted it to flow, that with those two teeth I would clamp down on her nipple and make her holler.

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