Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thought For Today July 5th 2011

Thought For Today

4th July Shindig

What did you do ordinarily to celebrate the 4th of July; we here at Renaissance had a blasting fantastic party on our patio with all the trimmings up on it. All the women all wore their dancing skirts and their dancing shoes. We dance from the old Glenn Miller and the Dorsey brother’s music. Some of us old men could not dance very much very long but we stood there and held the women while they danced.

The party was scheduled to start at 7: 00 PM and we had decorared the patio with patriotic colors and flags and behold on the tick of the seven and I started to say old hell broke loose and the storm came and blew all our decorations all around, it did not fazed us a bit because we knew that God was pouring more of his blessings up on us and we needed the rain, and Satin has no power to create rain or any thing else that is good.

We gathered up all of our supplies and moved in to the coffee shop and we did not loose a step of dancing together. Ever one said they had fun and enjoyed the outing together and we decided that we may start have a Saturday nights live, we thought the party was a good success we encourage all the Renaissance occupants to join us and get more acquainted with your Renaissance family.

It is never to get old enough to let your hair down and have fun and enjoy your neighbors and friends. You’ all come. John


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