Saturday, July 30, 2011

This is increment no - 5 - July 30, 2011

This is increment no – 5 – of my story July 30,2011

before but we did not get it all up to the house, we had left it in the woods until we had time to bring it to home. There was about an quarter mile to the woods and our mother stated for us to put on some warm coats that we are going to the woods for wood, and we told her that the wood was too large for us to handle we told her that we better wait until our Dad gets home and he would take care of everything, but she said that he may not be able to come home the snow may keep him stranded but she said for us to get the smallest pieces and she would get the big and heaver pieces. Well Santa Clause, in year of 1929, had brought me and my brother a nice large wagon with wide rims and roller bearings, so we went to the woods and we were able to haul several loads of wood and had enough to last thru the snow. We loaded our wagon pilled up and me and my brother put a large stick thru the ring of the tong of the wagon and we acted like a couple of jack-asses pulling the wagon and my mother pushed it with all her might, she only weighed about ninety pounds but you would have thought she was as strong as two ton Tony. All the morning the three of us kept remarking that we wish that Dad would come on home and then we thought that every thing would be alright, I guess we thought that he could just do about everything, by the way he was the boss turkey in our family.

After a while after we had gotten warm and started to rest a while I went into the dinning room which had several windows I laid my head on the dinning room table and was praying that my Dad would come home and after a few minutes I raised up my head and looked out of the window and I saw my dad drive into our yard, some may thank that was just a coincidence but to me it was an answered prayer, that may have been my first answered prayer, but I have had many answered prayers over the years.

Our family suffered the worst in the latter part of the year of 1930 and all of the year of1931. The depression was still in full swing but my father was able to make money enough to buy food enough to keep us from being hungry. In early part of 1932 my Dad received a letter from his older brother Ben Davidson and informed him that there was a sawmill camp being started over in Coosa-County in Alabama and he was the foreman or supertendent and he could give him a job. Uncle Ben had described where this sawmill camp was located in Coosa- County and my Dad call the family together and told my mother go pack up all our rags, and told my brother and myself come help him fix the flat tires and air them up with the old hand air pump. He said that he was going to make a little sign on the tag holder stating “ LOST TAG” hoping that would get us by the law if we get stopped. He stated if the Lord is willing we are going to this sawmill camp today if this old model “A” ford and these old tires will take us there.

I believe that I have completed chapter (2) of my life story at Buhl, Alabama.


What do you thank about my memoirs at this point are you learning how poor people survived the great depression. You better read it and learn all you can beacouse I believe that we are headed to another one unless we declair war on Washington and Satin.


Stay tuned in for Increment no – 6 -

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