Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thought For Today July 17th 2011

Though For Today

Mary visits Elizabeth 1:39-56
v39 Soon afterwards, Mary hurried to a town in the hill country of Judea. This was in the south of the country. v40 She entered Zechariah’s home and greeted Elizabeth. v41 When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby moved inside her. Then the Holy Spirit filled Elizabeth. v42 She gave a loud cry, ‘God has *blessed you more than any other woman! And he has *blessed the child that you are expecting! v43 The mother of my *Lord is visiting me. Why do I have this honour? v44 As soon as I heard your greeting, the baby inside me jumped for joy. v45 You are happy because you trust that the *Lord’s message to you will come true!’
Verse 44 A six-month baby moves in the mother’s body. However, Elizabeth knew that her baby made a sudden movement. This showed that her baby was full of joy. John had not been born yet, but he knew that Mary’s child was very special.
Verse 45 Elizabeth was much older than Mary was. But she was not jealous that Mary had the greater honour. Mary’s baby was to be the *Messiah.
Mary praises God with a song 1:46-55
When Mary heard what Elizabeth said, Mary burst into a song of joy to praise God. Christians still sing that song today.
The song has four parts.
1. God’s goodness to Mary 1:46-49
v46-47 ‘My spirit praises the *Lord. I am full of joy because God is my *Saviour.
v48 Although I am not important, he has remembered me, his servant. From now on, people of all times will call me *blessed’.
2. God’s character 1:49-50
v49 ‘The God of power has done great things for me. His name is holy. v50 He shows his love and goodness in every age to those people who honour and respect him’.
Verse 49 The ‘name’ of God describes what he is like. He is pure and perfect. He is powerful over everything and everyone. He is *eternal. He is ‘holy’.
3. The way that God changes society 1:51-53
v51 ‘God, with his great power, has scattered people with proud plans. v52 He has brought down rulers from their rank of power. He has given more honour to humble people. v53 He has fed hungry people with good things. But he has sent rich people away with nothing’.
Verses 51-53 Mary speaks of how God has disturbed the plans of proud people (Genesis 11:4-8). He has dragged down strong rulers (Daniel 5). He has put humble people in ranks of power (Genesis 41:40). Mary was certain that God would act like this in the future. He had already acted like this in the past (Psalm 98:1).
The hungry people are poor people. God will provide for them (Psalm 107:9). Also, this means people who are ‘hungry’ to know God. He will satisfy their *spiritual hunger (Matthew 5:6). Some people are rich and feel that they do not need God. They will receive nothing (Luke 12:16-21).

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