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Increment no - 6 - my story Jyly 31st 2011

This is increment no – 6 -

We arrive at this sawmill camp late that day and located uncle Ben’s house and after the families displayed their hugging and greetings to each other, uncle Ben cornered my dad to the side and told him Tony, I did not mean for you to bring all your family until later, there is no place for them to stay here, there is no accommodations of any kind for them to stay. For a long moment of silence, Uncle Ben noticed that my Dad was so sorry that he misunderstood, and uncle Ben, displayed that big grin that he wore so often, and stated to my Dad, son you all will stay here with us, we will manage some way.

There were ten members in his family, uncle Ben, aunt Laura, Willard, Milton, Ethyl, Joe Lee, Jessie, Bennie D. Mary, Annie Lee and there were seven members in our family at that time, my Dad Tony, my mother Mamie Lou, Helen, Lanoit, myself John, Tony Jr. Hazel at that time, because my young sister Peggy Ann had not been born yet. Can you visualize seventeen people living together in four or five room house, for six weeks while they built us a house?

They already had a large dinning serving area and they pulled off the end of that dinning room and extended it several feet to make it sort of like a army barracks and they hung curtains and partitioned it for the boys to live on one side and the girls on the other side. This was not uncommon during the depression years in the south where families moved in with relativities, it was hard but, we all survived it and it made families closer together.

I am now going to switch to my Hillwood story that covers the next fifteen years of my life including the thirty-nine months that I spent in the Army. This covers the period that the town first originated in 1931 to the year of 1947 that it was dissolved.

This closes increment no – 6 –

Increment no – 7 – will start with” The Hillwood Story “


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