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Increment no -3 - of my story July 28th 2011

This is increment –3 – of my story

Fever and I probably was about age four. That was a serious illness and I suffered pretty bed with it. They quarantined me and There was another event that I remember was I develop scarlet my mother in one room of our house. They brought our food to us and they had to take care of bathroom needs as well. My sister would have been about the age of nine. What a responsibility for her to take every thing of the house taking care of my Dad and my two brothers. Well my aunt Leona was staying with us at that particular time and she helped my sisters with all the chores had not been for her help we could not have survived that detail. I do not know how long that illness lasted but they told me that it was a serious illness. The biggest thing that I can remember was one day that I was getting better and my mother brought me out side in the sun shine and took me where I could see my brother and sister and I started running after them and my mother hollered to my brother and sister to run away from me, I guess she thought that I was still contagious.

I do not actually remember this but my dad was employed with the sawmill company as a semi- skilled labor as a block setter, a block setter rides the carriage that carries the logs passed the sharp saw that cuts boards from the logs. The block setter sets the blocks to move the log for the thickness that the sawyer wants to cut from the log. The sawyer operates the carriage and these carriages can move really fast if the sawyer so wants it to move. The sawyer had a reputation to be a high strung and uncontrolled temper and he moved the carriage really fast and threw my father off the carriage and he landed in some scrap iron and it ruptured him and he suffered for that injury for a long time.

I believe that this pretty well completes chapter one of my story, so I will go forward to chapter two, which will be to the next town that our family moved to and live there was Buhl, Alabama. The town of Buhl was located in Tuscaloosa County, about twelve miles west from the town of Tuscaloosa.

Chapter – two

The best that I can determine our family moved from Coldfire to Buhl, AL. in the year of 1927. The reason that our family left Coldfire and moved to Buhl was that my father was hired to be the main sawyer of one of the large sawmills in Buhl. A sawyer was considered to be a high skilled job for a saw miller and the pay was quiet a bit higher from other jobs in sawmills. I would have been age of five years old. We moved in to an old parsonage home that had been vacated, it sat behind an old Baptist church that was no longer active, This old house was run down had long large kudzu vines hanging around the front porch, it was very scary and looked like a ghost house for small children. This is the house that my second sister Hazel was born June 14, 1927.

While we were living in that old parsonage home my older brother and I would go over in front of the old church and sat there and play around an old stump hold and wait for our father to come home from work and meet him there and walk home with him. This particular day my Dad had to work late and it was getting dusty dark and our mother had called us two or three times to come on back to the house and we had not responded from her call and my mother told my big sister to put a white sheet and drape it over her head and go thru the old church and come out of the church where we were playing. She opened the front door and jumped out and shouted out loud I am going to get you, well we both knew she was a real ghost and we started running as fast we could to the house and I did not take time to run up the steps, I just dived in to the steps and broke and skinned my nose. My mother and my sister both really felt bad about that incident for a long-long time, but we laughed about that for many years when we reminisced about old tales.

We did not live in this old house but a short time and we then moved across town in to a more modern nicer house. We lived in the town of Buhl for about five years. I remember several things or happenings that went along within our family during this period of time but nothing very interesting. O course this is where I started attending school in first grade, and I was scared to death to go, and for some reason my mother did not take me to school the first day. I just went with my sister and older brother. I further remember that on our way to the school house we went by my cousins house and he was teasing me and making fun to me about going to school, he was asking me John, do you have you little red hen book with you, and that irritated me very much.

I remember there was a couple Sullivan brothers that liked to whip on me and my brother ever chance they could, they were larger and meaner then we were and they usually sent us home crying. It was around when I would have been in the third grade and the younger Sullivan brother was in the same grade as my self, and he decided to whip on me some before the other boys to watch. I decided that I had about all of that that I wanted and I found a good large limb and I let him have it right in the middle part of his back and I left

This is end of increment –3 -

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