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increment No -2- John's story

This is increment-no-2- of my story- July 27th 2011

Let me now caution any one that attempts to read this little story that this person is a no body he never receive any kind of degrees or any noteable recognition no noteable accomplishments. You will have to read his story and decide what kind of person he is or was. He just considers himself to be a typical southern gentleman. This person did not even finish high school; he was suspended in the eleven grades for leaving school without permission. I will have more to say about that subject later in my story, Now I am sorter getting ahead in my story, so I must move back to the little town of Coldfire where I Was born, and tell what little memory that I can remember there.

I think that this is a good place for me to introduce my immediate family as they were at this particular time.

My mother Mamie Lou, born Sept.4, 1894
My Dad Tony born August 19th. 1896
My sister Helen born October 21st. 1917
My brother Lanoit (Hick) born Sept 20th. 1919
My self John L. born February 12th. 1922
My brother Tony Jr. born Sept 8th 1924

My God, I never realized that us siblings were born so close together. My mother and Dad sure did not waste much time to create a family. My how God blessed them and give them the strength to create a family so quick in life. There were two more daughters born into our family, so I will introduce them to you at the proper time.

My mother or Dad did not have any formal education, I believe that my mother finished the eight grades and I believe that my Dad only went to the sixth grade. I considered them to be highly education both with common sense and great wisdom. They used what little education they had received from books they applied it to every day living reading books, newspapers and mainly the bible. My Dad could have put a math professor in the shade any day. Most truly educated people realize that you do not learn wisdom from schoolbooks, wisdom you learn by reading the word of God in the bible.

Some of my memories of the town of Coldfire:

Now I did not remember the day that I was born my mother and family told all of the above information to me. This is one incident that has always stood out in my mind. I would have been about four years old when this incident occurred and that would have been the year of 1926.

This was a Sunday morning there were two or three boys that cane by our house riding horses; they were hollering out to my Dad, just showing out and greeting him. My Dad and I came out on the porch to greet the boys and my Dad hollered out to the boys and told the boys that they better take those horses back home.

He knew that those boys had slipped those horses without permission. One of those boys was my Dad’s half brother, and his name was Dutch, and Dutch probably would have been about fifteen or sixteen years old at that time. I think and believe that some of these horses were owned with my grand dad Davidson. My grand dad Davidson was a small farmer in the Coldfire community. We went over to visit my grand dad that Sunday afternoon and we found that Dutch had gone to bed and we learned that the horse had thrown Dutch and had stepped in his stomach and was having some pain. I guess that they did not think it to be all that serious or maybe no one had any transportation or money. We did not go to the doctor unless it was an actually an emergency.

After two or three days he continually grew more worse and what has always felt heavy in my mind was they were taking him to the hospital in Tuscaloosa and they had him on a cot and they had him at the depot and were waiting for the train to come and take him to the hospital.

The vision that is in my minds eye is seeing the cot-draped wit a large white sheet draped over Dutch and over the cot and seeing my Dad and My Grand dad and Dutch’s brother Raymond, and a couple other uncles waiting for the train to come. That was the end on my vision of this incident, I know that Dutch had developed gangrene and he died while in the hospital.

Another incident that occurred with our family while we lived at the town of Coldfire was my older brother and my mother had gone to the woods with some neighbors to cut some dogwood sprouts to make yard brooms to sweep and clean the yards. Back in that period of time you did not have grass growing in your yards, at lease in sawmill towns, no one planted grass and no one had a machine called a lawn mower, I doubt that they had been invented in that time. So we took dogwood sprouts and made yard brooms and swept and cleaned the yards, on a Saturday evening you would see a cloud of dust filling the elemis when many neighbors were sweeping their yards preparing for the Sunday when neighbors friends and relatives cone to visit.

Anyway my brother would have been about six or seven years old and he was carrying a sharp double bit axe on his shoulder and was running thru the woods and stomped his toe on a large tree root and he fell down and the sharp axe hit him on the back of his neck and cut a long gash on his neck. This was a large gash and he carried that large scar all the rest of his life. That created a big scary for my mother and the family as well.

I also remember that my young brother Tony jr. had pneumonia when he would have been about two years old and I remember that my mother so worried about him but of course he survived that just fine.
Stay tuned in for the next episode. John


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