Monday, August 8, 2011

Increment no -12 - of my Hillwood story August 8th,2011

This starts increment – 12 -

A tall tale

Let me tell you a little humorous event that happened one night that a couple of families were digging a well. We had gotten down about thirty feet deep and come on solid rock and about the only thing that we knew to do was try dynamiting thru the rock. None of us had any experience using dynamite. We drill a hole about two feet into the solid rock and stuffed two sticks of dynamite into the hole and we connected a long wire to the dynamite and attached it to an old car battery, someone told us how to do that procedure, and when we tried to ignite the charge from the battery and nothing happened. There were several spectators watching this unusual event and my mother was in this group. My Dad and my brother were two of the demonstrators of this crazy event. While we all patiently waited about five minutes and nothing had happened, so my Dad and my brother was going to go down in the well to try find what happened. Just about the time that they were ready to go down then came the big explosion sending big rocks raining rock on top of us. My Mother had heard the plans that my Dad and brother were going down to check it out. When the big explosion occurred someone hollered out real loud in a hysterical voice that got the both of them. They mint that both sticks had exploded, but my Mother thought they were thanking that it got my Dad and brother. She fainted away and it requires quiet a while to revive her. The point of this story is during the depressed years we had to do with what we had to do with, we could not hire an experience technician professionally to do it for you. Any way we completed the well and it served us several years.

It was a tremendous chore to keep enough water in to the house for the family needs. When there were no boys in the families many of us boys would hire out to carry water and wood in to the house for them. They would pay us any where from 35 cents to 50 cents per week. I remember having two families that I hauled their wood and water each day for a long period of time. It would require about 1-hour on each customer. I also had to help my brothers to take care of our house.

This is end of increment no - 12 -

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