Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This is installment no -23 - August 24th 2011

Jeff I am sending a short installment to see if they will send picture

This is installment no –23 -

important families that lived in the town. After a period of time stokes left from the boarding house and moved in to

the Cranford house. The Cranford family became the caretakers of the boarding house. The Cranford family consisted of Mr. Virgil, his wife and one son Bobby, and daughter Carolyn. The Crawford’s stayed there for some period until Mr. Cranford and Mr. Rich had some confliction disagreement on the little sawmill that Mr. Cranford was operating.

Mr. Cranford quit his job and left Hllwood and moved to Birmingham, AL. The Stokes then move back to the boarding house and took over supervision again. I do not know who took care of the boarding house after that, because I was in the service.

Fred Anderson house picture number-8
This is end of installment no –23 -

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