Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Installment no -26 - Ugust 24th 2011

This is installment no –26 -

\\or office. This shed is where we started making ammunition boxes before and during the world war (2). This was the first place that we started hiring women to work in the box shed. I believe that was the only place that we had a saw powered with an electric motor.

Another dress lumber shed picture number-11

This shed was at the foot of the hill of the road entering in to the town. It also was across the road from the church. We commonly called this shed the number (3) dry shed and we stored two-inch lumber material. We would pull the trucks along side of the shed and load from the stalls and load in to the truck bodies. You will see the fire hydrant in front of the shed we had fire hydrants all throughout the plant buildings. We had two-inch pipes burried in the ground and we had 2” hoses and nozzles and usually kept about three 50ft sections of hose in each.

This picture number 12—Planer mill

In this picture you will see the east end of the roughdry shed where we kept kiln dry lumber stored. On the lumber ramp attached to the planer mill to the dry shed, this where we could roll lumber dollies loaded with rough lumber to be dressed for shipping. In the planer mill building we had four planer machines. We had two machines that we could dress 1” or 2” material on them. Many times we would be dressing 2” material on one machine and dressing 1” material on the other machine at the same time. The large steam engine was large and strong enough to power all machines at the same time. We had a large machine that we could dress timbers on it. We had a planer machine for making molding material. You can see steam exhausted from the large steam engine that powered all the machines. Notice the large metal pipe overhead this pipe has a cyclone effect with a large fan that would pick up the shavings and blow them into the dust house and there were a conveyer that would go on into the furnace and heat the water create steam. You will notice another fire hydrant depicted in this picture. See the two wheel dollies we had many of them we used them in the planer mill and on the green lumberyard to transport lumber from one place to another.

This is end of installment no –26 -

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