Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Installment no - 25 = August 24th 2011

This is begin installment n0 –25 -

This is the only church for the white people and it was not any particular denomination. All of us use it regardless of our particular denomination. Most of the people in town were Baptist, however there were other denominations as well. Mr. Rich built this house for us and he built a same size and type church house for the black people. I never remember seeing Mr. Rich attending service at the church. I really do not know if he protested to be a Christian or not, but I know he was a good man and had compassion for his employees. I always thought that why Mr. Rich did not attend services that he thought that it would make us a little uncomfortable with him being there. I think that he had to be strict and not fraternize with his employees and families. I know that my Dad, Hillary Gardner, Canine, McClain were Baptist deacons and could have been others. To my knowledge we never paid a minister a salary. I know that Bro. Windel Smith preached for us lots his brother George Smith served us lots and bro Braden for a long time. To the best of my knowledge we just donated money and give them love offerings. We did not really have many organized activities in the church. Occianlly we would develop Sunday school classes or training courses if someone would volunteer to teach them. I remember that my sister Helen developed the BYPU class that went along for a long time.

Usually when we had preaching service most every one would attend regardless what denomination was being preached. Some times we would have a visiting preacher come in and put on a revival for us. It was in this church during a revival that I joined the Baptist denomination faith, I believed, but I did not really trust my Lord the way that I should. I was baptized in water but it was quiet a while that my Jesus baptized me with the Holy Spirit, and I was born again. It was one year that we used the church as a school classroom while Mount Moriah School was being enlarged to accommodate the Hillwood children. We usually used the welgufka creek as our baptism place for baptizing. I was baptized in the Weogufka creek on a Sunday afternoon at the old overhead bridge at the Harmon place. I remember that I bought myself a new pair of white paints and a white shirt for the occasion. It is my recollection also that my young brother Tony Jr., and my good friend Billy Bullard was being baptized with me. I also remember that my good friend John Duncan (Junior Guy) was climbing up on top of the overhead bridge where he could observe the event, when his Mother notice him about half way up and pulled him down and was about ready to switch him good. I know if my brother had not been wading in to the creek for baptizing he would have been right behind Junior Guy, because what one did the other was right with him.

One of the dry storage shed picture number-1

This picture shows the first shed the nearest from the store down under the store. That is a double dry shed the shed to the left was where we stored one inch dressed lumber material, the shed to the right was where we stored rough one-inch dry lumber material. Notice that we had lumber ramps around the sheds so we could transport material from one shed to the other or from the planer mill. You can see that we had sixty gallon oil drums sat around in the sheds and other building filled with water for fighting fires, in these drums we had a fire bucket in each one. The box looking objects you see sitting on the scable are truck bodies, we used them when we were transporting one inch material to the railroad to be loaded in to a box car and ship to destination. We normally referred to this shed as the number one dry shed because it was the nearest to the store
This is end of installment no –25 –

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