Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This is installment no -24 - August 24th 2011

Following is installment no –24 -

This is the house that was built for Mr. Fred Anderson; Fred was a brother of Mr. Rich. This house was a little larger and a little more elaborate then most of the other houses. Fred severed, as a plant supertendent for a period of time, but to the best of my knowledge Mr. Fred did not do much of any thing productive for the company.

After Mr. Fred left Hillwood Mr. John Lewis moved in to this house. Mr. Lewis was a lumber salesman and his family consisted of his wife one daughter Tabatha, two sons Jimmy and I do not remember the name of the other son. To my recognition this house was vacant when The Sterling Company come to Hillwood and Mr. W.G. Moeling and family moved in to this house. The Moeling family consisted of his wife Dorothy (Dot) and son W.G. Moeling the 1V, and their daughter Ann was born in that house. The three people reflected in this picture are W.G. Moeling111, his wife Dorothy and son Wink.

The town church Picture-Number –9

This is end of installment no –24 -

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