Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Installment no 22 - August 23rd 2011

I have skipped the picture of the boarding house because my computer want send it, it says it is over capacity. I use to be able to send a whole document and not if I try to send several pages it throws it in outbox.

This is installment no –22 -

The large room that you see in this picture was Mr. Rich’s room where he lived. The boarding house mangers families live in the backside of building. There were tow or three two-room buildings where people could stay. Some would

Stay there for long periods or lived there and took their meals at the boarding house. I remember Mr. Bill Bindman live there for several years and I know that one of our night watchmen lived there for a long time. Our first boarding house manger was a widow woman name of Mrs. Miller; I

Believe that she knew Mr. Rich back in Laurel Mississippi. She had a grandson named Sonny and he was about our age. I used to be a little jealously of Sonny because Mr. Rich had a couple of nice horses and he let Sonny ride them and in the earliest years and he did not let us to ride them. O course in later years he allowed some others to ride them. I thought Mr. Rich was a little partial to Sonny. I later found out that Sonny was having to taker care of the horses feeding and their other needs.

The boarding house had reparation for serving good soul food. In the earlier years they had a little black man that could really know how to cook country soul food. His name was Shortly George and was only four ft. in height and he worked there for many years. Every body knew him and loved him. The next Family that took the job of taking care of the boarding house was the Stokes family. The Stokes family consisted of Sam Stokes, his wife and two daughters and both of them were good friends of mind. But oh course I considered everyone in town to be a good friend of mine. The Stokes family was one of the many
This is end of installment no – 22 -

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