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This is increment -9 - of my story August 3rd 2011

This is increment – 9 -
The Pigs and hogs

Mr. Rich also brought truckloads of pigs and turned them out in to the wilderness to fend for them selves. I do not remember him feeding them any feed. These hogs were not good breed of animals. We called them piney wood routers or razorbacks; they would not get fat maybe because they were not fed. Some of these hogs wondered in to the woods and become wild. I do not know of any of the hogs being butchered but I am sure they were.

I believed that all the people of the town both white and black loved and admired and respected Mr. Anderson. Since our town was not incorporated, Mr. Rich served us as our leader and made most of the rules and more less severed as our mayor. We had very little conflict or disturbance that required law enforcement. As a rule we all got along together without but very little conflict. In Infrequent occurrences there may be a conflict between a couple and Mr. Rich could get them together and settle their differences without law enforcement. I had high admiration of Mr. Rich, I always thought of him as a big- little man that he did so much for so many during a period of precautious time during the great depressions years.

Mr. Rich was a strict boss man, he expected a good days work, for a days pay, and he usually got it. Mr. Rich had his own room in the boarding house and when family members came to visit, they stayed at the boarding house as well. Mr. Rich frequently went back to Laurel to visit his family and to check on his other business interest there.

Following is a list of company owned Assets
Company Assets

1- Company family dwelling houses
2- Three small one boiler, circular sawmills, in early years.
3- A large band sawmill cable of producing 100,000 board ft each day
4- A small circular sawmill, powered with diesel engine.
5- A business office
6- A post office
7- A doctors office
8- A store (commissary) the only store in town, this building had a small building attached that housed a small generator that furnished electricity for lighting and a big walk in refrigerator
9- Two churches one for white and one for the black
10- A boarding house, where Mr. Rich stayed
11- Two small 2-room buildings for people that live or stayed at the boarding house.
12- Three large storage sheds for dressed lumber.
13- Two roughdry lumber sheds, for storage.
14- Lumber ramps thru the stacked lumber yard and connecting the storage sheds and the planer mill.
15- A dry kiln to dry and cure the green lumber.
16- A log pond to hold the logs in inventory.
17- A water resolve to hold water for five large boilers, a boiler shed.
18- We had a pipeline from the pond to weogufka creek. This was used to pump water from the creek in to the pond in dry seasons.
19- A dust house to hold fuel for the furnaces.
20- A large sawmill building holding all the machinery, for the big band sawmill, the main mill manufacturing lumber

21- A large filing room adjacent to the sawmill building to repair all saws including the large band saws.
22- A large planer mill building housing four large planer machines a large steam engine.
23- A winching machine used to pull the logs from the log pond and deposit them into a trough to go into the big mill.
24- A lighthouse with generator powdered by a steam engine, this furnished lights for the company business owned buildings, and none of the dwellings had any lights or electric.
25- A black smith shop for shoeing the mules and horses and many other jobs.
26- Automotive shop for repairing all automotive equipment.
27- Two feed houses to house all feed for company needs and for resale to the public.
28- A grease rack to service the automotive equipment
29- Two oil houses to store all the oil needs

This is end of increment no – 9 –more assets to follow

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