Saturday, August 27, 2011

Installment no -27 - August 27th 2011

This is begin installment no –27 -

This picture shows a wide view between the planer mill and the large sawmill area. Picture number-13

Looking in the center of the picture you are looking at the dry shed where we unloaded and separated the lumber from the dry kiln lumber. In front of the separation shed, you see the lumber ramps to the left that goes into the planer mill, to the right it leads to the lumber yard where the lumber are stacked in storage and drying. The ramp in the center moves lumber in to the dry lumber storages shed. You see the five smoke stacks at the large boilers that creates all the steam that powers all the engines. You may observe that one of the smoke stacks is belching black smoke and that is because the fire has gotten smothered probably because too much green saw dust had fallen in the furnace and smothered the fire. You hardly never see much of black smoke when the fires are burning good.

A truck being loaded for delivery-Picture number14

This is a truck being loaded at west end of the planer mill. I recognize three of the workers, to the left this tall lanky man was Aaron Gaither (High Pocket), and the person helping pushing lumber on to the truck I do not recognize, the next person standing looking on and goofing off is Charlie Frank Dennis, the person receiving the material and placing it in the truck is Malcolm Camp and he was the driver, I do not recognize the person checking the material

This is end of installment no 27 -

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