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This is installment no -21 -August17th 2011

This is installment no –21 -

This picture reflects the doctor’s office next to the post office. Picture number-6

Also the building to the right of the post office is the warehouse storage house adjacent to the commissary the two characters is my oldest brother and my self; I had unloaded a truckload of supplies for the commissary. Mr. Blankenshipm owned the automobile parked between post office and commissary, he always parked there.
Dr. Goff was our first company doctor, he lived at Rockford, but he would come over about two days each week to serve us, for our medical needs. He also served the Mt. Moriah community needs. O course he would come over in any emergency, but we would have to go over to inform him of the emergency because we did have accesses to the phone. He always had medication in his office to give to his patients; he kept different kinds of pills, such as Carter little liver pills and others. He kept different liquid medication like cough syrup and others in brown gars. He would give us typhoid shots and he did nit have any way to sterilized his needles and to the best of my recognition he would wipe them with alcohol sponge. For as I know he did not keep any drugs in his office, but if he had, they would have been safe. I do not know how they were paid for their service, I thought they were on salary and was paid by the company because I never did see any money being give to them.

Our next doctor was Dr. Maddox, at first he lived at Rockford, and later he and family moved to Hillwood. I never did know why we changed from Dr. Goff to Dr. Maddox. I know that there was no conflict with any thing or with any one about the service, because every thing was friendly with Dr. Goff. Dr. Maddox family consisted of his daughter Marie Wideman and her sin Joe Wideman, and I do not know if his wife was living at that time Dr. Maddox was quiet elderly when he came to Hillwood. Dr. Maddox had about the same of practice as Dr. Goff only since Dr Maddox lived in the town he was on duty 24 hrs each day, whether he was in his office or at home. His Grand son Joe drove him around in the surrounding community visiting patients. Marie fell in love with Mr. Joe Scroggins and they got married. Joe Frank was a dear friend of mine for several years and we were classmates as well.

This is end of installment no – 21 -

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