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This is installment no -18 - my story August 15th,2011

This is no installment no -18 -

The Main office of The Company

The main office or the only office of the company and that is where all the administrative business was conducted. Mr. J. D. Guy, (John Duncan Guy) served as office manger, chief accountant, and assistant to Mr. Rich, thru out the life of the Ralph Lumber Company. The Guy family consisted of his wife, two daughters Nell, and Elaine and one son Junior, (John Duncan Guy Jr.). The Guy family arrives in Hillwood shortly after my family arrives there in 1932. Mr. Guy left the Ralph Lumber Company and departed from Hillwood in the year of 1946 and moved to Laurel Mississippi right after The Sterling Lumber And Supply Company purchased the assets of the Ralph Lumber Company.

The Davidson family and Guy families kept in contact with each other over thru these long years. My oldest brother married Nell Guy and they lived a long happy life and raise four beautiful children. There are only one of the original Guy family are sill living as this story is being told.

There were several clerks and other office workers over the years and I will not attempt to try name them all because I certainly can not, but I will mention a few that I remember Millie Norris serve many years as a clerk or book keeper Evelyn Jones also serve as a clerk, Nell Guy (Davidson) served as a clerk, John Lewis served many years as a lumber salesman, Bill Bindman served as a timber curser.

After the sale of Ralph Company to Sterling Company, Sterling Company brought Mr. W.G. Moeling in as president of the southern division, their Chicago attorney Mr. Bill Pokorny spent several weeks helping set up their office personnel. They hired Mr. A. B. Crull to be office manger and chief accountant, hired Charles F. Thomas to be lumber salesman and supervisor over the yard and planer mill. George Fryer as a payroll clerk, A. B. Crull Jr. as timber cruiser. George resigned shortly and went to work with Elmer Dunnam in Goodwater as his store manger. Helen Dennis (Davidson) was hired to replace George as a clerk and payroll clerk.

The Ralph Lumber Company paid off ever other week if you had any money left off after your advances on your wages. The estimate changed on the first and the 15th day of every month. The company would advance you money on your future wages on these days; we called these brass days because we had our own kind of money, which were brass coins in denominations a nickel was round and was a little larger then an American dime, a dime was a hexagon shape, a quarter was round and was about the size of American quarter, a half dollar was m hexagon shape, the dollar was round and was about the size as an American half dollar. This money could only be spent at the company store, the commissary. In lieu of the inscription “ In God we trust”, it had the inscription “ RALPH LUMBER COMPANY. Mr. Rich had a desk in the office and he had a large double executive desk and we kept that desk in our office at Goodwater all thru the existent years thru the Sterling Lumber and Supply Company. My computer now sits on one of the desk that was in the office in Hillwood. Back in 1973 when we moved in our new large modern Sterling office, we purchase new modern desks and office furniture, I had this desk refurbished and put it in my home. I sit here and look at this old desk and reminisce over old times. I truly enjoy reminiscing old times and writing about some of them.

This is the end of installment no – 18 -

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