Saturday, August 6, 2011

This is increment no -10 -of my story August 6th 2011

This is increment no – 10 -

30-Two hay houses to hold hay for the animals.
31-One lot for horse and mule barn.
32-Two cattle barns.
33-Four to five Ford lumber trucks with trailers used to transport lumber to destinations or to transport lumber to Sylacauga an loaded in to box cars or flat bed cars to be transported to final destination.

34Ten or twelve large horses and mules, to use to snake the logs.
35- Five or six log trucks and trailers used to transport logs from the woods to the log pond.
36-Three dozers used to snake large logs from the deep valleys and loaded on log trucks and transported to the log pond. Also used to make log roads for the log trucks.
37-One road patrol to scrape the roads

Picture of John Davidson who is the author of this Hillwood story.

My name is John Davidson; I am the author of this Hillwood story and my life story, I am attempting to tell the story of this wonderful little town that originated way back in the great depression years. I will attempt to tell some of the hardships that we endure and also for a lot of the happiness and pleasures that we shared and enjoyed there. I will try to tell how my family lived and assuming that most families lived the same way as we did.

My family arrived to the sawmill camp in the year of 1932 even before the town had been named. My Dad had been unemployed for about a year when he received that letter from his brother Ben Davidson.

My Dad had been hired to be the sawyer on a small one boiler steam mill that had been set up in the area that the town was to be built that was a neat big little mill that produced about twenty five to thirty thousend board feet per day, the workers were very efficent in their performance of their job. Later there were two more of these little steam mills was operated about five mile from the Hillwood town. All three of these little mills were discarded after the big band mill was put in operation.

This is end of increment no – 10 –

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