Thursday, April 14, 2011

A campaing statement

My Thought Today

This is a statement that I composed back in the last presidential election and as reading again tonight I do not see any improvement of the affairs of our nation and we start talking about another election for our president, let us pray that we can find some one that will serve us and fix our sick nation, We may have to elect Jesus Christ before we can get it fixed right. If all Americans would turn every thing back to God then everything would be all good and right so let us elect Jesus as our savior. This will not help the situation or help correct the problem but I hope you will read it any way. -John

Statement to my good friends at
Renaissance Facility

First of all I am not a preacher and I am certainly not a politician. I am an old man that is scarred to death about our wonderful nation that is about to collapsed in to another depression, which may equal the great depression in the year of 1929 and it lasted at least thirteen years. I was fortunate enough to live and endure that depression and I tell you, it was very hard for my family and me and I do not want to see another one in my lifetime. I know that the most of you here at Renaissance have lived thru the depression just as I did.

We have a very corrupt US government most of our congressmen and senators are crooked and evil as satin him self and president Bush is right in there with them.
The two presidential candidates have not indicated and prove to the nation that they can do any better. I believe that there is many people of our great nation have developed in to a sinful corrupt lifestyle. It appears that we have climbed in to the pig pen and wallowing in the slop trough with the hogs.

It appears that America has shunned the Christian religion and lost all love and respect for each other and has the attitude of dog eat dog. The congress and senators have shunned all of their Christian religion, they do not care and respect any thing is good for the American people. They do not practice Christian religion they practice their Democratic religion or their Republican religion. They cannot pass a bill without putting their favorite perks or their HOG slop bucket in it.

The media or television public cannot have an intelligent conversation they have to have one or two people from each of the different parties and they all talk at the same time and they act like grammar school kids, they sound like pure idiots. It looks like they go out and pick jerks from the street, just like we picked our two presidential candidates.

I get so disgusted watching television with them trying to interview a coupe jerks or a group of idiots of mixed party people, the master ceremonies or the interviewer seams to think that it is entertaining to the public letting the contestants act as fools talking at the same time and laughing for what they have said.

As I observe and watch our government and television people so called educated people, showing their butts in public. I predict that if they do not wise up and change from their sinful wicked ways and repent from their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their savior, they will develop in to a civil war between them. I believe then the Christian religion will declare war on the both Democratic and republican religion and the Christian religion will be victories and then the Christians will have a great revival.

It is shame and disgrace that I have witnessed this great nation within the last twenty years goes to the dogs. I have witnessed the middle class white man been swept under the rug and treated like a second-class citizen. I could have a little bit more to say about this and give some of the reasons but I will just leave this here and let you to fill in the blanks.

I probably will survive and endure another depression because I had enough experience thru the last depression years, just as most of you did and with our advanced age it will not effect us as it will our children and grandchildren. Let us pray that our lord will intervene and heal our land and let us not have a depression. The bible tells us in 2-Chronicles 7:14,NIV, If my people, who are called by my name, will humble them selves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and will heal their land.

Let us all pray that god will lead us and guide us to pick the best man to be our leader and president for the next four years, that god will use this person to be a vessel to put our nation back on track and turn our nation back in to a Christian nation.

It may be that our lord may be trying to get our attention and is going to persuade us to get down on our knees and let us know that he is still in control. When we observe and witness how everything that has been happening within the past few years, it makes us wonder what is god up to. It may be that he is telling us to get ready and prepared for his next trip to earth. I am not sure that Jesus would feel welcomed to come in the state of affairs just now.

Even thou it will not bother me as much as it will my children and my grand children, because at my age I am just marking time and treading water waiting for my Lord to pluck me on to heaven. I pray that you all here are prepared to welcome our lord when he comes.



John Davidson
Renaissance Marquis
3126 Cedartown HWY
Suite 1349
Rome, GA. 30161

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