Sunday, April 10, 2011

Request for prayer for Raymond

Special Request

Prayer Request

May I ask each of you to say a prayer for my good friend Raymond Philpot, he is one of the first persons that I met coming to Renaissance, he is a devout Christian, and he enjoys life much more then an average person, when he enters a gloomy room, the whole attitude changes to joyful mood. Raymond and I have been best friends from the first day and we have had many serious conversations and have shared a lot of many things together in our conversations that we do not share with many people, we shared many family secrets, many religious experiences, we have even cried together, so you can understand why I am so concerned.

Most of the times in my latter years I do not pray for complete healing for my elderly friends, I pray that they are born again Christians that they are free of pain and are content, I ask god to treated them according to his will for them. I am praying the same prayer today for my good friend, but he is going to be ninety-nine years old come next May and I have promise him that I was going to put on a huge birthday party for him on his 100 birthday.

Raymond was doing the jitterbug the other week and fell and broke his hip and his surgery was fine but while being in the hospital he has developed kidney problems. Actually I just threw that jitterbug coment in there he actually y did fall and broke his hip, but that is the way Raymond and I kid at each other. He is a wonderful man and I have privileged to be a friend of his for the past six years. I pray that he will overcome this serious problem, if it be Gods will for him, thanks for reading my request. ---John Davidson

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