Monday, April 11, 2011

Letter To Raymond Philpot

Dear Raymond:

I am going to send this letter to your Mother and ask her to give it to you, I am keeping tabs on you and on your progress, I have been expecting you to be half ready to come on home where I can pick at you, and some of the reports that I am getting on you is not very good, I expect more of you then that. I know Raymond you are cable to overcome this little incident, what I know of you, you have fought many harder battles then a broken hip. It appears to me that you are just giving up and not trying to do what your family and your friends expect of you. I know Raymond that you are prepare and ready to meet your Lord, we have talked about that, but Raymond I do not believe that Jesus wants you to depart from earth yet, I believe that he has duties to perform at Renaissance. Raymond I have observes you in recent weeks and you have the expertise and God given talent to lead people even at your ripe old age.

Raymond there are many people praying for you and I have ask many people to pray for you and I have had response from many saying that they ate praying for you. I had a response today from one of my old child hood friend and he is a Sunday school teacher of seventy-six elder people and he is passing your name to them for prayer. Raymond I want you to join me in prayer when Mary presents this letter to you and ask God to give you strength and will power to over come this illness. Raymond you are not going to let your old Alabama friend down are you, that loves you like a brother.

Your Alabama Friend—John Davidson

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