Thursday, April 7, 2011

Letter to Treasure Cannon

Dear Treasure:

It was good to hear from you thru your daughter Lori, I knew that Kirby had developed Alzheimer’s disease back when we quit corresponding with each other on the computer, and this is the first time that I have receive any information on either of you since that time, how have you been doing medically, I know that it has been a great ordeal of strain on you but I know that you have giving him the loving care that a loving wife can do, just like I did with my beautiful wonderful life when she was ill.

Treasure I know that you and Kirby both are devout Christians and may I encourage you to continue to depend on Gods love and guideness thru this horrible illness, pray that God will strengthen you that you can endure and still have happiness and never get depressed over the situation, may God bless the both of you both in your particular situation.

Treasure I live here in an assisted living and retirement home and there are several people here is suffering of Alzheimer’s disease and I do not know the severity of Kirby’s disease has developed but with his bible wisdom his preaching ability he may be a vessel like St. Paul that he can convert many loss souls there.

I have a friend there at Nichols veterans home in Alexander City and he is a devout Christian and I understand that he is ministering to many occupants there, his name is Henry Camp, tell Kirby to look him up ,I have a feeling they have already met.

Treasure I wish you the greatest success that the world has ever known, take care of your self and may God continue to bless you.

A Christian Friend---John Davidson

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